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believe. this is zero. and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. parliament rejects the government's budget proposal paving the way for a possible early election. a journalist in the philippines who was one of time magazine's persons of the year and has been critical of the president is arrested. party but wanted a princess to run for prime minister faces being banned from the long delayed general election next month i mean school meet the young afghans dreaming of
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cricketing glory the national scene of the world cup we look at the roots of success. may be headed to the polls earlier than expected after members of parliament rejected the government's budget plan the prime minister has was hoping for support from two catalan separatist parties but they ended up joining other parties to block the plan pro independence catalan parties had said they were willing to back the bill if madrid was open to talks about its self-determination this defeat means that sanchez may be forced to call a general election. joins us live from parliament in madrid so he lost the vote david what happens next. he lost the vote voted by a considerable margin three hundred fifty m.p.'s in the parliament one hundred
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ninety one voted against him now we were expecting him to cool an emergency cabinet meeting but i've just been speaking to one member of his cabinet who is the housing the the neighbor minister a big magdalena i'll vote is and she said something very interesting she said look there's a cabinet meeting arrange for friday anyway we're not in a pool and emergency cabinet meeting we will try and continue with our policies and our way no that gave a very clear indication that she wasn't thinking at least of having early snap elections she said that's very much in the hands of the the constitution and the president to decide so it's beginning to look like they're going to try and fly along as normal of course that's the opinion of one of the cabinet members but certainly this is going to have a huge impact i spoke will search one m.p. from the day must party he said look there are going to be early elections and
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there is a great danger that what we're going to see is a move towards the right so even before the trial of the catalan separatists these is finishes that could well be a government in power from the right wing even if it's a coalition which is very much against any compromise the tool with the the cattle and issue and cattle and independents so what that would mean is essentially this will remain an open wound in spanish politics that was his summary of what's happening and it does appear we are still waiting for any announcement on the election but it appears from what i heard from the cabinet minister that they're not rushing to it at the moment you might not hear it today it could be as late as friday before they announce or even if they announce at that time having said that david when it comes to the next election who might the winners and losers be.
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well everybody is looking at a new voice in spanish politics a voice from the extreme right from a party appropriately called vox now they won some seats in the regional elections last year at the end of last year and the andalucĂ­a in assembly which helped and thirty six years of socialist rule in that area that is a bit of a revolution now this party folks is essentially from the extreme right they wanted initially. some fifty thousand what they call illegal immigrants expelled they roll back on that charge but they are very much for changing the laws that they say isolate men unfairly treat men in cases of domestic violence accuse the feminist movement of being overly powerful really a change in the political discourse and dialogue here in spain and it is expected
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that fox might be enough to attract to attract members of parliament here in the building behind me they could break in to the spanish parliament with those sort of views that's the fear all right david satter live for us in mentor david thank you . as in thailand are expected to rule within the next twenty four hours whether to ban a political party linked to the deposed prime minister thaksin shinawatra a party nominated the king's sister as a candidate for prime minister the world family has stopped for power in next month's general election has more from bangkok. two weeks ago the time rocks a charge party entered the political spotlight as they launched their election campaign the leaders talked about the need for thailand to innovate. but the candidate chosen to stand as prime minister proved to be an innovation to find in a country where the monarchy is regarded as above politics. was ruled
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ineligible after the palace sidhu nomination was in violation of rule tradition and culture and highly inappropriate after a complaint from an independent constitution monitoring organization the election commission has recommended that the court dissolve the party if the court agrees it would be the dissolution of a political party backed by former prime minister taksin shinawatra who lives in exile after his overthrow in the two thousand and six military coup. taxon chyna what has spent his political career fighting the establishment and on friday ties thought he had staged a major coup himself by having a member of the royal family fronting the campaign for one of his parties but it appears to have been a major miscalculation dissolution would also mean the members of the party's executive committee would be banned from politics for a minimum of ten years. last week the party's advisor and
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a long time tax an ally told al-jazeera about his concerns that the campaign and next month's election won't be free and fair it is designed in the first players so that he point out we'll be able to extend its power and thailand's military leaders have formed the government since the latest coup in two thousand and fourteen removed texan's main party per thai its still able to take part in next month's votes. the decision by the election commission to ban the thai rocks a chant party came the day after a t.v. station owned by the chena watts was ordered off the air for fifteen days the government's national broadcasting body said voice t.v. was showing provocative content that caused confusion and social division and the fact that the punishment is dealt out at this time. right about when we were heading towards a potential return to democracy. is highly inappropriate.
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there are a few guarantees in thai politics but it's likely there will be more volatility before the election due on march the twenty fourth wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. a journalist in the philippines who was named as one of time magazine's persons of the year has been arrested for libel or embraces the c.e.o. of the news website rapport she's repeatedly clashed with president robbery go to terror tape publishing news reports critical of his anti-drug crackdown she says the case as meant to silence her website as you know alan joins us now on the phone from manila so tell us what's happened here i mean obviously she has the government rather is that issues with her before she continues to do her reporting was this expected. well the thing is this case has been cleared by the court in two thousand and twelve there was a cyber libel charge filed against her and another journalist for what she wrote back then that had already been dismissed simply because the case has been filed
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even before the of fences become legalized basically the crime cyber crime libelous been filed you were before that became a lawsuit that has been dismissed and today at five pm local time as court official we closed the course officially closed the members of the national bureau of investigation for investigation arrived at her office and issues her warrant basically for this case that we don't even know if it's possible to be retroactive as we speak she is trying to make her week the night court to convince the judge that she is able to post bail. until then we don't we don't know whether she needs to rethink the dissension area of the national bureau of investigation but this this is not the only strategy. she's facing also another issue on the back division i think i found that back to beijing and previously rap the result decision facing legal issues with its registration so they have already said that this is clear
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that it was a virus move on the side of the government but this is governor is in support from different sectors of society here in the philippines and international as you know from rio to ready a very high profile journalist even before and putting her on the spotlight also putting forward the issues of press freedom in the philippines ok jamila alan durban with the latest there that's going on with the maria ressa and the arrest warrant there please to keep us posted camilla thank you. and the news hour and clearing the cost of religious and ethnic division in nigeria and the slow process of reconciliation. a summer audience accuse the government of broken promises forty years after the revolution and in support of it when for the french champions n n one and he will have all of that from the european champions. as well an opposition leader has demanded the armed forces allow the delivery of
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aid by the united states within the next ten days president nicolas maduro who still has the backing of the military says threats of invasion must stop both pro and anti-government protesters have held mass marches in the capital so it's about reports on caracas. he wants to keep up with the pressure on the government and. that's why even a self declared interim president why they will call his followers to take to the streets once again. we announce that february third is the day for humanitarian aid to intervene in israel are we stand by all sectors delivery drivers nurses medics to get ourselves when asked. all the way from her son was killed during the protests two years ago and they have the end of the day i'm demanding justice i am demanding freedom i am honoring all the children that have died i'm here for everything that is happening in this country people are
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dying of hunger and a lack of medicines. food and medical supplies mostly coming from the u.s. have arrived at the border between venezuela and colombia why though says more is on its way there are thousands and thousands of people in this part of the city that it's difficult to move the specific demand in this demonstration is that they want to force the government to allow aid into the country the other demand is that they would like for free and fair elections to take place in venezuela because they believe that last year's election process was filled with irregularities before towards the center of the capital government supporters were also on the streets to voice their opposition to any type of foreign intervention for the last four months . has been part of the government's militia he says he's ready to defend his country from foreign aggression. i cannot trust in humanitarian aid that has not been requested in venezuela we didn't have an earthquake or a war that justifies them forcing aid into the country we want to solve our
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problems if they want to help us they should give us back the money they are withholding that's in the banks in europe in the u.s. . but support for the president does not appear to be as high as it once was the economic crisis has left millions of people struggling to buy basics and medicines and that's why many in traditional neighborhoods have joined the protests one guy old one of the heat we have protesting for the old people because they're in a madison's because we want a free country freedom to do and what we will and the opposition is calling on the military to rise against people. and now the following donated supplies in the senate are seriously the. military and civilian employees that of the border will aggressively allow the humanitarian aid without drama without confrontation and fulfill the men do have you need to allow the aid in to save the lives of. either
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the problems of the solution and life. but the military leadership remains by the widow and they play a role in his administration. the opposition says they will continue pushing to break that relationship. status that will back us a stress mention mentor a had his own rally in the capital and here's what he had to say oh. let the drums of war stop but the approach of military invasion recede and burns will say in a single chorus with one voice we want peace we want happiness long live the national union live peace to victory always thank you god bless you may god bless our beloved as well also in caracas university students held a twelve hour vigil to commemorate anti-government protesters the vigil began with the march through the capitol on tuesday night relatives of the killed or missing also took part in strangers held placards were tread no more dead
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at least five people have died in anti-government protests in haiti which had been running for almost a week dozens of inmates have also broken out of the jail as protesters for bennett police from reaching a prison there is anger over rising costs economic stagnation and corruption demonstrators want president to step down or board mainly as war. man shot dead by police his body lying near the presidential palace as angry crowds gather in protest. hundreds have arrived from haiti slums to the capital port au prince with a message for president jovan i'm one step down. i'm on the ballot everyone in haiti is asking for juvenile to leave but he refuses we ask ourselves does he want to die in power or does he want people to put the country down like the let us come up on the court i'm in this situation because a president juvenal was a come go to school he's
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a thief and he must go if not will burn down the whole country where in the streets until he leaves. haiti suffering from a failing economy and skyrocketing inflation president morsy is being accused of systematic corruption and official order to support in january implicates him in the embezzlement of funds it also accused former ministers of the possible misuse of development money by venezuela. government makes the budget just for them this is not how you provide change the government took their money and spent it on themselves on people who don't deserve it. during his election campaign noise a promise food on every plate a money in every pocket. we went to elections a part of the population voted i am president i am ready to speak to all my brothers and sisters over the difficulties of the country is facing to my brothers
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and sisters in the opposition the doors open so as to reach a solution. since moises inauguration two years ago inflation has risen to fifteen percent. bakeries have closed people can't get a loaf of bread. many people are calling the protests food riots saying they can no longer live without the basics the u.s. has recalled all nonemergency past now and the un busy i was three nations according on the gun. meant to engage in tweaks so far the president's remained silent for the protesters say they will not stop until they get home says. people across south africa are protesting against a near record unemployment rate of twenty seven percent wearing red shirts thousands marched in major cities accusing the government deepening poverty the mining sector has been particularly hard with the unions calling layoffs there
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a bloodbath is also anger over plans to reform the state run energy company alcoa. are. members of congress of south african trade unions demanding an end to job cuts in the public and private sectors is also cooling full. officials businesspeople to be prosecuted one of the key to their opposition to the full plan to reform the south africa's state electricity company. employs about fifty of the people the government and to divide it up these people say that's going to mean privatization jumping out of the timing of this is particularly just leave on south africa's elections of the ruling a.n.c. are expected to get less than they ever have before. the support of the trade unions for them is going to be crucial cyril ramaphosa the president meets the
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backing of trade unions and other organizations to be able to maintain the majority of the a.n.c. on the other hand is the situation of police business leaders from the best as we want the states owned enterprises to be slimmed the made more efficient. public sector the police opposition these people are. on the other had their own budget is going to have you know if it. were. a nationwide. reichen belgium is paralyzing air traffic sea ports and train services all flights in and out of a country have been cancelled for twenty four hours tens of thousands of airline passengers are affected sector workers including police hospital and air traffic control staff are all demanding higher wages. so the entries are snubbing a u.s. sponsored meeting about iran's role in the middle east that poland which is hosting the talks says iran will not be the only item on the agenda of delegates were also
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discussed the presence of i saw and the war in syria. or. american hopes of uniting the world against iran won't be an easy task for the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. crucially important countries are either pulling out or sending low level delegations to the warsaw summit aimed at curbing iran's growing influence in the middle east will have sixty countries over thirty foreign ministers there from every continent save for antartica this is a global coalition that has got to deliver on the important mission as reducing the rest of the disseminator from the middle east before. the iranian leaders who are not invited are denouncing the summit as a u.s. and iran circus i the trump administration reimposed sanctions last year after pulling out of
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a two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal between iran and world bar was the e.u. though decided to stay responding to international concerns about the conference and its motives polish government ministers say it will cover syria i still yemen terrorism trade and security. the e.u. alone does not in my opinion kiri sufficient for political weight to try to really influence the situation in the middle east only working together with the united states and broadly speaking to the community of democratic countries can we have a positive influence and achieve peace instead of the situation in the middle east . seventy countries are invited many are worried about a u.s. backlash if this the summit analysis though dart the gathering would ever be able to achieve its goals if you don't have russia in the question by europe that
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they're not going to send high level people. in lower level people i think that's a sign in a single concern but also the limitations of working so that only regarding. what can go. for it but the us has staunch supporters in the middle east such as saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain which have repeatedly called for a tougher stance against what they say is iran's destabilizing role in the region awesome joins us now live from warsaw so what's happening there today. richelle the word will be building very you can see behind me is of wildcard that's where the operational ceremony is going to take place later today with all the world did delegations attending the water source summit for the promotion of peace
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and security in the middle east well initially officials polish office of the u.s. secretary of state stayed away from mentioning iran saying this is one of a brainstorming about different issues in the middle east particularly terrorism maritime trade. beside development programs war in syria yemen all those bases it was interesting to say today this rally held by the iranian opposition to the islamic establishment in iran and during that rally one of the i said these words the former mayor of new york rudy giuliani who said this is about time to build international support for a regime change in iran something that has been. widely criticised by the iranian leader saying that this is an anti iran circus organized very the americans to undermine the basic tenets of iran as it celebrates the fortieth anniversary of
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the iranian revolution let's listen to what the iranian foreign minister had to say it's another attempt by the united states to push through an obsession we did on that is not well founded and i think the fact that. they're not even aiming to produce any agreed text rather than just attempting to make a statement by themselves. so this is basically what is happening here the americans are willing to build an international coalition to further isolate iran the only problem here is that the russians for example are seeing a way of saying this is a unilateral approach by the americans to dictate their own policies in the region some of the key players are not attending the e.u. is sending a low level delegation and the iranians are not invited to the summit there's another divisive issue which is going to take place tomorrow which is the summit of president donald trump he's going to present his plan for peace in the middle east
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something which has if you relate to the palestinians saying that this is something which is undermining the cause of the vital part of the is because apparently it talks about a new exit strategy which does not include. the capital of the palestinians and deny the palestinian refugees the right to go back home and this explains why the policy is asking arab and muslim delegations just a way from this conference from an american perspective though. this could be a unique opportunity for world leaders to talk about issues that are affecting the region particularly conflicts in yemen and syria the growing bryants of. iran there are countries in the region israel saudi arabia bahrain on the way though which say this could be the wide time to enforce a dramatic change in the region all right we shall harbor our ally for us and we thank you. all right let's turn the weather now with death we're going to see some
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ghost scuffles now that you're wondering what they are they are fools that were once upon a time they were afterwards but now is just the ghost of an awful past and this is what it looks like you see the ice around the apple is still there but the apple inside has turned to mush and it will dropped out looks pretty incredible doesn't it that happened on around the six of febreze that was a bit of a while ago but it's taken us a while to find those pictures and what's happened is that very cold air has now passed that we've got plenty of wintry weather around at the moment so here is that big winter storm that we've got with this currently in the south of course here it is rain but further north there's a lot of snow on and it's causing quite a few problems it makes its way across as is also giving us a lot of very strong winds as well so as that system moves away though during the day on thursday will be a lot brighter on that east coast will be that warm there a maximum temperature of just minus follow even or two but then we've got a little bit more in the way of cloud across the central belt here now further west this is where our next storm system is coming in from coming in from the pacific
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a lot of heavy rain there and a lot of snow as well in fact that could be some flash flooding in parts of california as well as the system moves its way across us a very wet very windy as well with the winds gusting up to one hundred kilometers per hour in places not a whole system for actually moving its way eastwards as we head into friday and still a big old wintery mess there shall step thank you still ahead on al-jazeera around iraq where the campaign is on to save its cultural heritage and treasures after years of war and support other frustrating night for the bron james and early lakers and they will have their sports. with the most people in the world production is under increasing strain to keenly pace with a growing global population al-jazeera is environmental solutions program discovers new ways of feeding the world sustainably both online. just found us they
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look. around see is the vegetable of the scene right there. for thought on al-jazeera.
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we're watching out to take a look at the top stories right now voters in spain may be headed to the polls earlier than expected after m.p.'s rejected the government's budget plan ministers were hoping for support from two catalan separates those already they ended up joining other parties to block the plan. journalist in the philippines who was named as one of time magazine's persons of the year has been arrested for libel. of the new flipside rappler it was it has published rather news reports critical of president are regarded territories anti-drug crackdown and the thai party that dominated the king's older sister for prime minister in next month's election a spacing dissolution election commission has recommended to the top court the thai rocks the chart and it. their great commission has added seven more countries including saudi arabia to a blacklist of governments that fail to fight money laundering regulators have also
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added panama to the list of twenty three countries which currently include iran syria and north korea the revisal is still has to be approved by the european parliament for it and france are opposed to saudi arabia's inclusion while spain wants panama off the list the countries face closer scrutiny of their institutions and transactions when dealing with european banks i would ali is al-jazeera is economics editor joins us now here in the studio from doha so a significant as and when a country gets their name on this list ok so this is the first time the european union has reached the list using its own methodology there was an organization called the g seven thirty years that you. to handle this process but e.u. nations were critical of some of the countries that were listed and some that were not listed on there so going back to last year the reason and the impetus for this list is because
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a danish bank was caught up in the world's big ace money laundering scandal two hundred billion dollars went through the stony and branch of this danish bank most of that money in fact or for that money came from russia two hundred billion with two hundred billion and ironically russia is not on the e.u.'s list of money laundering countries so we have got saudi arabia that's on the list we've got the u.s. virgin islands and american samoa or some of the other nations that jury are joined on this particular list how much of this is political i mean when you have certain countries while being on behalf of other countries to be included or not included as we said france in england didn't want saudi arabia on the list why so you know these are trade relationships they're very important and because the the saudis you know have great diplomatic missions in these particular countries so there is an
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effort to get them removed from this and there will be a lot of effort from the u.s. as well included in this process to make sure that is removed from the list now what this actually technically means for the banks is that they have to increase their vetting so they have to ask who is this money for where is it going and it is the final beneficiary really of the person who's going to end up with this this money so that's what the e.u. banks will now have to do a lot of e.u. banks have been punished in the in the united states because they have failed to to make sure that money intended for certain purposes is actually there is p.c. is one example which was queues of money laundering for mexican cartels ok thank you for explaining it we have an economics editor of it ellie thank you very much. his election commission is promising that saturday's presidential vote will go ahead despite another fire at one of its offices
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a third fire of its kind within the last few weeks destroyed thousands of voting machines in and state as that muhammad is running for a second term several people were killed in a stampede at one of his rallies on tuesday and central nigeria violence as thousands of people displaced conflict competition for land as well as religious and ethnic divisions and alliances security challenges that will be faced by whoever wins the presidency or supports in the city. after a hard day's work benjamin moses and robot a colleague work the narrow streets of their patent neighborhood in jaws in central nigeria. fifteen years of conflict between muslims and christians here change the for use of many communities as people move to areas they feel safe in. but says he refused to leave his house and this predominantly muslim area of the city is the only christian here he said his church and friends all wanted him to be.
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pleased i was to drugs if i die just because. because all my life i've lived in this. benjamin a schoolteacher and a taxi driver inseparable. and it's in the wanted to help we go our own son went. towards. in central nigeria two thousand and eighteen was the many here say they will never forget the competition for land between farmers and cattle herders in addition to decades of struggle. and if in a city led to nearly three thousand deaths. thousands of people were forced from their homes because of violence and are still living in camps. a lot of it was. because i said that this for them having this all the things that the people raise
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as a source of the conflict we'll address is a damned we'll talk about forgiveness is double talk about the conciliation. healing the wounds of conflict is a slow process this road marks the divide between the mainly christian and predominantly muslim neighborhoods of just a city why nigeria's north itself thousands have been killed and homes and businesses destroyed trust among people here as their order and communities are trying to rebuild that brick by brick. so three years ago participate began efforts to reconsider communities that have been at war with each other for fifty years it is a tough environment on the one hand but we are very excited about the prospects and the potential that these job holds for peace and security in the state because of how much our people embracing these ideas of peace. for now the region is calm but with elections approaching there is tension and mutual suspicion and people
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here know from previous experience that it may only take a street fight once again through the entire region into another cycle of violence i mean. just nigeria. the pentagon wants to expand its use of artificial intelligence and warfare its unveiled its first ai strategy which calls for greater use of ai throughout the military it says it will deploy the technology in accordance with the nation's values plan encourages the pentagon to partner with private tech companies but there are already ethical concerns over such partnerships google dropped out of one such project contract that his project maven is it was called after thousands of its employees protested last year the pentagon says it counters russia and china's huge investments in military ai technology will cross late is the found co-founder of kin side that is an artificial intelligence analysis group joins us live from london will we appreciate your time what is what
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does a in the military look like who they are in the military looks like a number of things all the way from the border and back office stuff which isn't necessarily that exciting when we're talking about deployment of ai surely to areas where there are more ethical concerns like target talk recession you mentioned project maybe even though which was with google where they were using the tense aflutter a p i s namely computer vision to be able to look at insurgents see video . images that are coming back and be able to surveil in the sense that it can also be used on the supply and repair side they're doing a project with i.b.m. to try and predict when there are failures within kids in tech so there's a huge wide range of application for ai within the military and it's very telling that they want to pursue that now what are the ethical concerns. well i think the ethical concerns is that there are or tom autonomous weapons systems
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which don't have a human operator which is making the decision to kill another human being and there's wide international. efforts within the international governmental and academic communities and institutions to prevent that from happening and i think that what we'll see going forward is sort of treaties along the lines of chemical and biological weapons whereby governments say that they will not allow autonomous weapon systems to be deployed and those already directives from the department of defense and other governments around the world which say that you have to have a human operator who engages a kill and that can be flagged by an ai system but it cannot be executed by an ai system so as we mentioned china and russia seem to make hannah out alp pretty far out in this how are they far ahead of the u.s. in this area. well i think that you have to look at what china is doing very publicly with its social credit system whereby they're using facial recognition
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they're using all sorts of artificial intelligence solutions on that set sentence to be able to predict what their society is going to look like what as citizens of doing and actually scoring and ranking their citizens according to what they're doing and what they're actually what they're doing on the day to day basis of what rules that break now in the u.s. and in europe according to our values we have a much more citizen centric privacy policy unlike in china and potentially russia so there are abilities in in china to go further with the technology and for allowing private companies to be able to leverage that technology in a way that potentially isn't available in the u.s. and china so this is an attempt by the u.s. department to fence to be able to bring out innovations which are happening in the commercial sector and then being able to bring them into line with the service to be able to protect troops and advance their military military power abroad all right real quickly with can say thank you very much the world's most notorious drug
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trafficker is set to spend the rest of his life behind bars a mexican drug lord known as el chapa has been convicted by a u.s. court two years after he was extradited to america the three month trial of joaquin guzman as happened details of grisly killings political payoff and elaborate trafficking schemes ever elizondo reports from new york after jury convicted joaquin el chapo guzman on all counts u.s. prosecutors made it clear the story of the man who was once the world's biggest drug trafficker was finished his conviction we expect will bring a sentence of life without the possibility of parole is a sense from which there is no escape and no return. this conviction is a victory for the american people who is suffered so long and so much. money
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made billions pouring poison over our southern border as the verdict was read in a packed courtroom under tight security guzman initially looked shocked but he then flashed a thumbs up as he was led away by security guards from the court room through a back door moments later months wife who sat through every day of the long trial left the courthouse to a crush of reporters she didn't respond to questions as she got into will be a. guzman's highly paid defense attorneys said they would appeal and accuse the u.s. government of using guzman's conviction like it was a prize in the war on drugs course is a trophy for the government i mean that the cocaine flow doesn't stop with joaquin guzman being convicted only for god's sake does anybody think that does anybody think that that suddenly anything's changed over the course of the trial jurors saw pictures of guzman's diamond encrusted pistol and heard stories about him ordering
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killings of rivals including one for the crime of failing to shake guzman's hand but it was guzman sinhala drug cartel that often took center stage several of his former top level associates testified against him lifting the lid on a multibillion dollar operation that utilized all the tools at their disposal to get their product across the mexican border. well this is the last chapter of bill chapo guzman drug trafficking career it's by no means the indep this story for his soon to lower drug cartel back in mexico it continues to be the biggest drug trafficking organization in mexico now run by two of those sons and it continues to traffic drugs throughout the world gabriel's. brooklyn acting u.s. secretary defense has reassured iraq's leaders about the presence of u.s.
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troops had shanahan met prime minister tell me in baghdad last month president anger of the government by saying he wanted troops to stick around and keep an eye on neighboring iran. unemployment and economic hardship are among the issues that are of iran's islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine when millions of people brought down a corrupt monarchy of forty years on many iranians say they have yet to see the prosperity they were promised same as ravi reports in tehran the power of protest and armed rebellion i had to look the khomeini was able to call upon helped him take control of iran in eleven days but consolidating the gains of the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution would take years the new government struggle to suppress insurrections of its own and the economy all but collapsed revolutionaries have been jockeying for political position ever since and iranian people say their leaders have forgotten khomeini's revolution was actually about them. at a museum dedicated to iran's first national bank there is more wealth in
4:44 pm
a single display than many iranians may see in a lifetime. a literal treasure trove filled with the precious things of past kings . within these stately halls there is great optimism about iran's future. they don't want to miss their homes always problems are being imposed on iran such as sanctions or war but the islamic republic with its rich resources and suitable geography can handle it well i predict the economic future of the country will be. one of the reasons iranian supported khomeini was because the majority of the country's wealth was in the hands of the few something that seems to be happening again the revolution played out on streets all over the country and once monuments to the strength of empire buildings city square statues have since come to symbolize the power of the religious movement that saw them torn down but as the years have gone by many iranians say the promises of prosperity that same movement
4:45 pm
made have not been kept. as often happens when there is economic decline many say things were better in the past in the time of kings. the problem. with iraq and we didn't have this level of inflation and poverty president promised a lot but he lived the people who handled the war. for the people. i hate. to say silencing muslims. who believed in the but now i'm sixty five years old i don't believe in the koran or i believe nothing. government leaders say they're doing their best. sanctions as well as pointing to macro economic indicators. a highly developed country it's
4:46 pm
a sign that things aren't as bad as they may seem but the high cost of living means problems that are playing out inside people's homes is where i seem to be losing votes. so i had.
4:47 pm
after the battle against. helping iraq protect what's left.
4:48 pm
this is all that's left of nimrod the ancient assyrian city founded three thousand years ago eisel fight has seized lodged areas of territory in north and west in iraq five years ago. destroying historical sites and facts they regarded as islamic. this was nimrod before eisel arrived considered one of the world's great treasures once home to an assyrian king god by giant stone carvings a wing beasts known as. the smashing many of the facts using sledgehammers and pilots who knows ice will detonate bombs to blow up the city. the explosion felt like an earthquake according to people and sort. two years ago
4:49 pm
precisely i was a little it was just ten days after the site was the great it so i discovered what it means a site which has just been taken back from isis so we have course discovered the magnitude of their the midges but we saw also the diversity of what we can define as a crime scene. the conservationist says it's been a challenge for the iraqi army to clear mines and improvised explosive devices from the area without causing even more destruction you had a lot of people accessing the sites which was not found so you have a individuals who are needed to every policeman everybody and moving out of it so it's difficult to fathom the shocking level of destruction committed by i saw not only on iraq soccer logical heritage but on archaeological sites across the region now in recent years a lot of artefacts have been stolen and it's believed many of them about themselves
4:50 pm
in the private collections intelligence services here are now saying that they believe a lot of the money is going towards funding terrorism. security experts from the european union advisory mission and iraq want to build a database to help track missing artifacts and return them to iraq when we arrived here in two thousand and seventeen i already got the task from europe from brussels to do something on the protection of cultural heritage because the culture of this country is also the culture of europe it's the start of the civilization so we are very keen to help the iraqis protect after decades of war thousands of years of iraqi history lies in ruins in a region often called the cradle of civilization the challenge now is to save what's left john strafford al jazeera baghdad. time for a sport with andy thanks so much richelle gonna socialism bateson run as manchester
4:51 pm
united manager has ended he described his team's champions league loss to paris anjum out as a reality check goals from prince all combined by a neck and back i gave the french champions at sea to nail when it all traffic things got even worse for united lights on when paul pogba was sense off is the first time united have lost by more than one goal in a home europe ain't saw that return like coming up in paris on march the sixth i think that we grew again in this match we did the next step to defend like this here and like this is not a low big chances to a low only a few shots a few shots outside the books and this. is a big achievement for us and of course has to be has to be repeated. we had a great run and we came into this game in a great frame of mind in great form but of course it was a big book there they have quality from the t.
4:52 pm
bird until a strike you there is the reason being behind them being one of the favorites for the for the champions league but then then again nothing. but that's the level we need to aim for at this club one of the last sixteen tie on she states teenager nicola sonny out of scoring twice to lead ryan at sea with c. one win of a pole so the nineteen year old becoming the youngest ever at saleem to score twice in a champions league. juicer benghazi. praising him is right he did very well and in general he's improving beyond our expectations but they also think we did well with him sometimes making these boys play in prestigious matches can serve as an opportunity for them to mature and he did it like against real madrid i hear everybody taking credit for the newest game but i am the one who is coaching him every day and that is how you manage his growth well it's from this wednesday i actually take on three time defending champions rial madrid the dutch club have lost their last six games in european competition against reality they weren't
4:53 pm
bateson in this season's group stages real madrid. we see real madrid is a very good team with good ideas and tactics last week we saw they are improving a lot we have to do something about it and come up with solutions we don't just have to look we also to focus on our game and that's very important going to. guarding our champions league match real madrid is always a favorite because of our track record in the competition we are going shape right now so we are happy about that of course that gives us confidence but we were favorites this whole year and have been doing well well upon james in the l.a. lakers are in danger of missing out on an n.b.a. playoff spot they lost to the atlanta hawks on cheese day james himself putting in an impressive f it's going to twenty eight points eleven rebounds and sixteen assists that was his fifty. double of the same isn't it can say the lakers john collins and trey young each got twenty two points that held atlanta to a one seventeen to one thirteen when the lakers have now lost four of their last
4:54 pm
five games they sit tenth in the western conference. what afghanistan cricket same is preparing to take part in its second fifty over world cup it marks a remarkable achievement for the players many young afghans learned how to play in refugee camps and it's the reports from jalalabad cricket is also helping afghans cope with the trauma of war. no matter whether it's a cold winter in embury be hot summer in afghanistan is always the season for cricket even with no more than a piece of wood for a bat a rocky piece of ground for a pitch and a stone for the wickets most young boys or many men have been hooked by the phenomenon of cricket which has swept the country. these boys shout out the names of their cricketing heroes. years ago they would have been of pakistani players today they're all afghan it's a remarkable story that has taken afghanistan from the rocky outcrops to the best cricket grounds in the world in less than twenty years afghanistan has gone from
4:55 pm
nothing to being the latest member of the international cricket council the i.c.c. and the elite group of twelve top cricketing nations. but in twenty eighteen we beat bangladesh and sri lanka we drew with india and we got a full membership of the i.c.c. these are amazing achievements for the afghan nation we are playing now on grounds where they had never heard of afghanistan before the afghan cricket board now has five stadia in the country and a flourishing youth policy minus cricket we are nothing because when we were young we played on the cricket. we don't have any good opportunity for the education for those kind of thing but the cricket was free for us so. i think a lot helped us then but now we are here. afghans started playing cricket in the refugee camps of pakistan and since then it's become more than just a sport it transcends political cultural and religious divides and if anything it's
4:56 pm
become the one unifying factor in forty years of conflict could only walk your sport on cricket is the ambassador of peace the afghan cricket team has always given the message of unity and brotherhood to the entire nation and brought us together the afghan cricket team is the source of unity among afghans. which started cricket in. their love cricket and also. good support for cricket all this in their time so that's why we are here cricket has its own followers and its own language and it doesn't involve wall cricket is it. true meaning for us for other people who are as far as want to put it is i mean happiness if. it's happening. and in a country where so many of been traumatized by years of conflict cricket is providing therapeutic qualities that are helping relieve stress. if afghans didn't have cricket they would take drugs or take part in war other miserable things
4:57 pm
psychologically cricket takes their mind away from bad things people will participate in elections but they will in cricket has become essential to the afghan people. afghanistan content attained foreign teams on home soil because of the war that's another goal but for these boys the hope is one day they can emulate their heroes and play for the national team and in some of the biggest cricket leads in the world for one of those few afghan success stories how's that tony berkeley out to zero jalalabad. and that all medvedev experience the full range of emotions at the world's highest soulmate in never have seen less than impressed with his own form in this first term much transgenic showed france. the russian did eventually manage to regain his composure and went on so win this one straight so it's ok that is how the sport is looking for an hour show and they thank you very much thank you for joining me for the news hour keep it here i'll be back with more the news on the other side of the break.
4:58 pm
on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go for. this and that. and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims a vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is zero on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the difference is that in the last bottles ossified this that authentic in the roots with that this time go for the truth is to not come up with details coverage though has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what
4:59 pm
they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it hundred. battling against addiction then very thing that brought her down now she can teach people how to come back up. it's hard for me to believe that he's going to get a full time job in radio but i have to be supportive family i have to learn to put my pride aside in just say ok we have our issues but we have to leave speech and health i'm going to keep on working part time this moment i feel good holiday. on al-jazeera. it's a. little . easier.
5:00 pm
to. ease. the government's budget paving the way for a possible early election. i'm richelle carey this is. also coming up. party that wanted to run for prime minister. and his opposition for u.s. and other international aid to enter the country but president maduro says it's not born to have. a war in iraq or the battle to save its cultural heritage and try.


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